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BCM and BSU refer to the ministry of Southern Baptists on college campuses.
The most recent updates and special announcements are listed below.
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prayer room New news from the Calverts 04/13/2014
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Click Alaska above New information from Alaska 04/04/2014

Today I would like to issue a challenge to those of you who earn more money than a retired campus minister gets from the donations of his state convention to his retirement and what his self-employed social security provides. ( In the interest of full disclosure we do also have my wife’s retirement as a school teacher.)

Here is the background on the challenge. I noted that the desire of the BSU Alumni National Network (BSUANN) is to raise $250,000 by the end of 2015 in order to have 1 million dollars on deposit to aid in the Baptist campus ministry work in the areas of the country where Southern Baptist support is weak. It occurred to me that if there were just 100 of us who would commit to providing $2,500 in the next two years the goal would be met. I am asking that 99 of you join me in providing that level of gifts through one of the foundations that keeps the money of the BSUANN. I am sending a check for $1,250 dollars to the WMU foundation today and I will send another check in that amount next year.

Are there 99 of you who make as much or more than I do who will also provide that level of giving this year and next.?

Dick Houston

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I am starting a new series based on helps that I kept at my desk during most of my ministry. I believe them to be timeless and helpful to a campus minister regardless of age or situation. I will note on this opening page as I gradually add them 1/12/2014
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  Index page for International Betta Congress logging program and instructional videos is no longer available because of some changes made in certain forms during this year (2013) 10/13/2013
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Information from the webmaster There is a continuing problem with the counter on the Who's Where pages. I am trying to keep it updated manually until a permanent solution is forth coming. If the counter shows a number below 13,000 it is not correct.


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Some of the moving blocks at the top of this page when clicked will take you to more information on the ministry in need in that state. The Featured Regions block has more information on the reasons behind this new emphasis. Only Indiana, New York, Northwest, and New Mexico are working at present. . Please send me some feedback on the new design and information. Am I wasting my time with this approach? I will be checking my email at


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The new menu line is now in use on some pages. The intent is to better accommodate the college church plants and also to emphasize the needs of certain campus ministers that have been defunded but are trying to stay to minister to the students on their campus. How this will be handled will evolve over time.

Milt's email Some have not heard about Milt Hughes book " The Pursuit: My Quest to Know God and Make Him Known ".It is no longer available through LifeWay. So contact him directly. Milt has also revised "The Journey" It is available directly from him (presently in loose leaf form at $6.00).

Click the link to the left to contact Milt directly.



Beginning June 1, 2010 this opening page will provide links to pages related to other groups (Non BCM) with which I work. A section below has been added to identify these. They will be of no interest to those seeking BCM related information, but neither are they considered private. repost


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prayer video Excellent video on prayer from the International Mission Board. Note particularly the ending section 06/20/09


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Discipleship 101

The revised Discipleship 101 materials by Gene Parr are now online and will permanently reside in the File Cabinets under "Rooms" in the menu bar above. You are free to copy these materials and alter them to fit the needs of your groups.

TheTree.jpg (103542 bytes) Here is a site worth visiting each morning. Simply click on any flower for a scripture verse for the day. Relisted
off site Because of the frequent problems campus ministers face when a student who handles their web site leaves I suggest you look into College Ministry Link by LifeWay 04/08/05
Presentation Because of the heavy response to this presentation it is being placed here for continued reference. PowerPoint presentation on "Understanding Millennia's" by Joe Graham - State BCM Director for Georgia 02/14/05
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International office You have worked with a particular International student for a long time. Now they are returning to their country. What better way to show your continuing care than to have a missionary contact them when they get home. IMB makes it really easy. Just send the information on how the person can be contacted to Mike Lopez (Substitute @ for the -at-). He will handle it from there. 07/12/04


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